We get our first non-open topped vehicle. We have an image of what it might look like, so all you modelers out there, lets see what you've got. I know I will be working on mine.

The Razorwing Jetfighter comes with two darklances and a twin-linked splinter rifle. It also comes with 4 one shot only Monoscythe Missles. The missles are a 48" S6 AP5 assault 1, large blast, one shot weapon. The cool thing is we get 4 of them with no additional cost.

You are a BS4 F10 S10 R10 fast, skimmer. It has the standard night vision, along with Deepstrike, Aerial Assault, and Supersonic abilities. Aerial Assault allows it to fire everything moving at cruising speed, including coming in from a deepstrike. While Supersonic allows it to move flat out up to 36".

Other missle options include replacing a monoscythe missle with the following for 5 pts each
Necrotoxin Missle SX AP5 Assault 1, large blast, poisoned 2+, pinning, one shot
Shatterfield Missle S7 AP- Assault 1, large blast, one shot. Can re-roll failed to wound rolls.

The Dark Lances can be changed out with Disintegrators for free, and the splinter rifle can be upgraded to a splinter cannon. Next you get flickerfields and nightshields as options.

When it comes down to points, the Ravager appears like it will be more efficient and the Voidraven more effective with it's voidlances. If you are using Razorwings, you are using them primarily for the large blast missles and for anti-infantry. Voidravens pay alot for the same missles and comes with none. The Razorwing gets 4 monoscythes standard, and swapping out for other types is cheap.

Having a very low armor value, it will be interesting to see how people attempt to use these on the field. You can literally move 12" and unload every missle you got (4 large blasts shots in one rd). Firing them off in pairs or all at once seems the most reasonable depending on your opponent and situation.

I really like the idea of taking two of these and unloading a total of 8 large blasts S7 Shatterfield Missles into a tightly packed area. So tactically deepstriking them or reserving your Razorwings sounds like a decent tactic. Razorwings could also fall very well into an alpha strike list, just dont expect your razorwings to survive long. Precision bombing is a very new tactic for dark eldar, and one we will have to get used to. After the payload is dropped, you still are very nicely armed with dual Dark Lances.

(Edited) I am now really digging on the idea that the razorwing is extremly good for its points. Equiped with its 4 missles it gets alot of large templates, but it also can have its other weapons exchanged for a splinter cannon and two disintegrators. This turns it into an infantry killing machine. 12 shots, 6 of which are S5 AP2. It is like a venom on steriods after it loses it's passengers (the missiles are it's passengers). Can we say dead marine squad. I think we will see lots of people using these in the near future.
What do you think?

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