If you haven't heard yet, the Ultramarines movie was delayed. For those of you that don't check your email I've posted the official announcement and the email sent out. This was done yesterday, as the movie was supposed to be released on Nov 29th.

While Im dissapointed, it's not the end of the world, and even a couple weeks is not a big deal for me. After all I'm not 15 anymore, so there is no reason to get all worked up over a delay. It will be fun and exciting when we do receive the movie. If I hear anything else, I will post it here.

Offical announcement by Codex Pictures.

We’re extremely sorry to advise that that we have had an unanticipated production problem, beyond our control, with the Ultramarines Collector’s Set, which means that we have not been able to start shipping today, November 29th 2010, as we had intended. We are working around the clock with our third party suppliers to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and hope to be able to have information about a revised ship date tomorrow.

If you’ve already ordered your copy, you’ll shortly receive an email from the distributors informing you of this situation.

We at Codex Pictures would like to say how disappointed we are that we’re not going to be able to get the movie to you at the time we had planned and we fully recognise you will be too. We can only apologise for this unfortunate delay and reassure you that we are doing our very best to sort out the issue and get your order to you as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your support.

Codex Pictures

Here is a copy of the email sent out.

Dear xxxxxxxx
RE: Order

Unfortunately, due to a production issue outside of our control, we are not able to start shipping your order for the ULTRAMARINES DVD Collector's Set today, November 29th as planned. We are working around the clock with our third party suppliers to resolve the issue as soon as possible and hope to be able to give you details of a new ship date tomorrow.

We at Codex Pictures know you will be very disappointed not to receive your DVD as soon as anticipated and are equally distressed ourselves that this has happened.

Please accept our sincere apologies and rest assured we are doing everything we can to resolve the issue and get your order to you quickly.

Codex Pictures


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