It's Black Friday and my time is a little short this morning. Black Friday means the wife is out shopping, and an all long 12-15 hour game night sits ahead of me. So I am trying to get as much sleep as possible today.

I ran across this paint scheme done with metallics. It's done by Mark Bedford from Forgeworld. I figured I would post it. They are extremely nice with blood specs and other nice details. Here is a brief on what he used for the effects.

'They need something functional,' said Mark. 'They did cover it in blood though, just to make sure it was properly baptised for battle.' Mark achieved the burnt metal look by using successive washes of Baal Red, Leviathan Purple, Asurmen Blue and Badab Black over a Boltgun Metal base. The blood was a mix of Red Gore, Scorched Brown and Necron Abyss; which was flicked on with a stippling brush.

The metallic scheme on the Kabalites was first painted with Tin Bitz followed by a Shining Gold highlight and then a Mithril Silver one. Mark then used a watered-down mix of Chaos Black and Scorched Brown to shade in-between the armour panels. To make his miniatures really stand out, Mark used off-cuts of models combined with the Warhammer 40,000 basing kit to add loads of detail to his bases.

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