On Saturday I was throwing down my 1/2 cents about deployment, and how it is severely overlooked or ignored resulting in game losing mistakes. You can read it here. Deployment It was time to look at a few specifics for Blood Angels as requested by a reader who plays a Blood Angels Assault list with transports.

Just for the record, I play something similar when it comes to my Blood Angels. I use Baal Predators for their fast movements with Flamestorms to get into someones face quickly with a before game scout move. My lists generally involve a couple drop pods to drop that first round in front of enemy lines, with Baals able to get in close as well, while my transports come zipping up in behind my drop pod walls.

If you are playing a list like this, you must set up to make the most of your forward movement, but you have some flexibility against static lines on your opponent. If your going first it's wise to set up near the center of your deployment so that you can maximize your threat ranges no matter where your opponent sets up. If you have razorbacks, place them behind your rhinos in case of a seize the initiative, or if going second. You can also take a librarian for a 5+ cover save during their shooting phase.

If you are going second, watch your opponent. Your job is to limit the amount of damage he can do to your round 1. If possible deploy outside of weapon ranges, and use those Baals during their pregame scout move to jump in front of light armor, and give cover to the lighter armored transports.

It's important to know your threat ranges. By this I mean a rhino moves 12", you deploy 2 1/2" and your meltas have a 6" double dice penetrate. That means you are getting 18 1/2" of threat range. A Land Raider with Assault Terminators is 12" move, 2 1/2" deployment plus 6" assault. Play with these ranges in mind. A flamer template for your Baal Predators flamestrom cannon is 12" movement and an 8" template. However you can move up to 18" during your pre-game scout move and pop smoke.

There is no reason for Blood Angels to have light armor out in the open with no cover saves first round of the game. You have Baals that can move in front of armor and pop smoke during the scout move. This gives you and what you protect a 4+. Ive also used Baals deployed on flanks to scout move across the my lines out of range of enemy deployments (basically a false deployment move the other way thing), making him waste a round or two walking his infiltrators.

Against other army types like a complete Drop Pod list, don't worry so much. They are coming to you. Set up to minimize their damage to you. Bubble wrap your land raider so that no pod can get within 6" of you, and don't forget to pop smoke if going second

Going second against an alpha strike list can be daunting. It's important that you practice setting up against this type of list. Primarily learning how to layer your cover with armor.

Another consideration with Blood Angels is Capture and Control games. Don't race forward and forget your rear field objective.

Practice a couple deployments. Sit down and look at how you would set up your transports, and how any Baals might move during their scout move. Especially if a heavy shooting alpha strike army is going first against you. Then look at what kind of set up you might do against a drop pod list and Chaos Daemons. Probably the most standard thing you will need to know, is how you want to deploy if going first. How to maximize your movement in all situations, and what will happen when you are seized upon.

Other Blood Angel comments and deployment tactics for assault marines with transports are welcome.

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