It's time to unleash my Haemonculi. Refining a list is what getting a lot of games in is for. This list is updated from the previous one listed a few weeks back. I wrote a battle report on this lists predecessor. I am moving more in this direction with the Haemonculi and more forward assault support. Hence the Pain Engines and Haemonculi.

The Haemonculi will throw down their arcane wargear to confuse and frustrate the enemy, while Pain Engines are set to use the portals. Wyches are designated for disabling armoured lines, while the rest of the army pushes forward into the middle field, leaving behind the warriors in the backfield.

Vect will ride along with the Incubi, and the three haemonculi can split up between the three elite choices, Incubi and Trueborns. With the 75% chance of going first, and the warp portals, the Pain engines should have plenty of time to do their business.

Tactic wise with the Webways, I want to be able to use them not only as a board edge, but as a defensive impassable terrain as well. An 11" wall possibly blocking off an objective, or centered on the board, that I have full mobility around and am able to come through with Pain Engines. Time to take full advantage of this powerful tool.

Asbrubael Vect 240pts (Gives almost a 75% chance going first)

Haemonculi Ancient 125pts with Webway Portal, Animus Vitae, Venom Blade
Haemonculi 110pts with Webway Portal, Shattershard, Venom Blade
Haemonculi 110pts with Webway Portal, Crucible of Malediction, Venom Blade

2x Trueborn (7) 214pts with 4x Blasters, and a Dracon for Leadership.
Raider with a Shock Prow (Dark Lance)

Incubi (7) 254pts Klaivex with Demiklaives (since they will end up splitting up with the archon)
Raider with a Shock Prow (Dark Lance)

2x Wyches (5) 145pts with 5 Haywire Grenades, 1 Hydra Gauntlet, Hekatrix
Venom with Flickerfield and 2 Splinter Cannons
2x Warriors (20) 210pts with 2 Splinter Cannons, Sybarite
Wracks (10) 195pts with 2 Liquifiers, Acolyst
Raider with a Shock Prow (Dark Lance)

Heavy Support
Talos Pain Engine 125pts, Chainflails, extra close combat weapon, twin-linked Heat Lance

2x Cronos Parasite Engine 110pts, Spirit Probe, Spirit Vortex

Total Points 2517. I need to drop 17 points in this list. A Incubi or something I haven't decided upon yet.


  1. Dracons don't give a Ld bonus; they're Ld9 just like Trueborn. Drop those guys and replace the Trueborn squads' Raiders with Venoms. That'll save you 54 points (assuming you give the Venoms two splinter cannons).

  2. The raider flickerfields were an error in editing. So my raiders and venoms are costing the same price atm.

    Good Catch on the Dracon. I missed that one. I will remove both of those do get me back 10 points. Now just to trim an extra 7pts

  3. Remove the Demiklaives. They are really not worth it. 20 points for +1S is to much.


  4. I agree. I've been using them game after game, and they just don't seem to pull their weight. On the Charge they do ok with furious charge, but otherwise They havent been doing the job.

  5. Maybe take Murderous Assault? I think it is the only upgrade worth it on a Klaivex. He has a very high Ini and WS, so with this power he is very likely to kill a support character like a librarian for example. He even has a good chance to kill a chaplain, or put a serious dent in almost any character without a storm shield. If you also got FC the odds are that much higher. And it only costs 10 points.


  6. I spent some time last night looking at the options, and I think I will keep the Klaivex pretty simple. Murderous Assault was the next upgrade though if I was to take one. It's possible it may come back if the list continues to play in that direction.

    I think the 10 points could be spent elsewhere and be used more often. An Archon will most normally be along for the ride, and small storm shield squads should go down under the flurry of power weapon attacks without the Bad Dice scenario.

    I have til tommorrow before my next game, and I will probably use this list for it.

  7. Is there coming a new dark eldar Asdrubael Vect?

  8. Anon, I have found a couple remote rumors saying the a Vect model was seen, and that it is stil pointing forward, but is a new model.

    Who knows though. Supposedly 80% of the Dark Eldar range is supposed to be out by June, which would include special characters.


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