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I'm a long time viewer (down here in California) and I have a blog in your blog exchange (ordohypotheosis.blogspot.com) that shows some of the work over the past 3 years on a warhammer 40K table build called the Promethium Reactorum. The table is cyclical, which means the tiles can be placed in order in a cyclical fashion, so that the top tile can be placed at the bottom to create a new board.

The pictures show an aerial view of the 6 tiles, each of which is 2' x 4' in dimension. The board - which totals 48 square feet - can be arranged in six configurations since every tile connects seamlessly to the next tile. By taking the last tile as the first, they can be easily arranged with different features at different points of the battlefield. The last picture is a quick snapshot with some additional terrain featured on my blog.

This project took me three years to complete (with many distractions of course), but I have put a ton of detail on these boards. We will be playing some of the first games on the completed board in the next few days.Thanks! and I hope you enjoy!


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