There are quite a few Forgeworlds to choose from in the upcoming codex. Looks exciting. Check out the latest preview rules for the Adeptus Mechanicus.

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As the founding forge world and the religious centre of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the armies of Mars believe themselves to be the best of the best. These forces are always trying to prove their supremacy in battle – driven by rigorous training and ready access to the copious resources of the Red Planet. 

Summary: The archetypal model that others aspire to. Good at absolutely everything.

Forge World Lucius employs many materials and technologies that are virtually unknown elsewhere, secrets that it jealously guards. Its weapons and wargear perform statistically better than most, a trait for which it’s justifiably proud.

Summary: A tough gunline army that can shrug off foes, and they can teleport, too. 

Under constant threat for centuries, due to their proximity to the Eye of Terror, the armies of Agripinaa are famed for their grim resolve in the face of all enemies.

Summary: Aggressive and hard-hitting. Good at taking on heavily armoured foes. 

Adherents to the cold logic of the machine, no cost is too high to achieve the goals the Graia priesthood sets for them. They will stand their ground to the last because they know no other way.

Summary: Very difficult to shift off objectives or out of cover. Can resist psychic powers.

Secretive to a standard that’s off-putting even to other devotees of the Machine Cult, the Tech-Priests of Stygies VIII keep their deeds and motivations close to their metallic chests. They also make use of mysterious (some may say forbidden) technologies to mask their movements and scramble enemy scanners and sensors. 

Summary: They’re the sneaky ones. Great against armies that would rather sit back and shoot at you.  

Ryza is a bit… different. While nearly all other forge worlds adhere to the near-sacred red, white, and black colours of Mars, Ryza shows up in bright orange. They also relish close-quarters combat more than others.

Summary: The stabbiest of the cyborgs, Ryza like close-range plasma blasts and getting their hands dirty.

This is another forge world with unusual livery, going heavy on the white. Ever advancing in a deafening march that calls to mind the heavy machinery of their home, the armies of Metalica stop for nothing.

Summary: Metalica grinds across the battlefield in a relentless wave. They can also deny the enemy overwatch, so they’re great against shooty armies.

While the primary forge worlds offer some fun and thematic options to choose from, you might have an idea for something that’s better suited to your army’s concept, preferred fighting style, or a common opponent.

Or perhaps you simply want to use an unusual colour scheme or give your army a special name. Good thing there are all sorts of forge worlds strewn across the Imperium. The Distant Worlds rules allow you to create your own.  

You start by choosing from one of four Primary dogmas, each with three Secondary dogmas to refine them further. For example, you might decide to start with a Data-Hoard Forge World that safeguards arcane knowledge and exotic technology. That makes their highly advanced vehicles a bit tougher.  

From there, you may decide to further strengthen your vehicles with self-repairing devices and indomitable machine spirits.

There are loads of options in the Adeptus Mechanicus codex, so you’re sure to find something that suits you.

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