This will be available for preorders starting tomorrow. Take a look at the cards and get ready.

via WarCom

If Warhammer Underworlds is your jam, you’re in luck, as the Silent Menace Universal Deck is up for pre-order tomorrow. Today we’re going to show off all the cards in the deck, so you can see why you need them in your life, no matter which warbands you use.

All of the cards in the set are themed around the mysterious Silent People who’ve made their lairs within Beastgrave. After all, many of the treasures being looted by the warbands that have ventured beneath the living mountain actually belong to the insectoid race. Alas, the Silent People can do little to prevent the plundering of their hoards as they hibernate and slowly pupate in their hidden cocoons. Still, their loss is very much your gain, so don’t feel guilty.

The Silent Menace set includes a total of 32 cards that are usable by any warband in the game – even those without spellcasters. As universal cards, they can be combined with any other cards available to your warbands, letting you make the ultimate killer deck.
With 12 objective cards, 10 gambit cards, and 10 upgrade cards included, it’s possible to use them all as a thematic deck for your warband. If you’re still learning the game and want a pre-built deck to get you started, this set is perfect. If you’re a more experienced player, try giving it a go too – it will force you to use strategies that may be unfamiliar to you and will help you familiarize yourself with the uses of each card.


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