The Rumour Engine is stepping up this weekend with Visions of Beasts Part 1. 

via WarCom - part of the Rumour Engine this week
Visions of Beasts – Part 1
My Lord,

I have discovered an arcane machine of unknown providence in the deepest dungeons of Sigmaron. It had a large red button on it, and despite my better judgment, I found myself unable to resist pressing it.

No sooner had I done so, the esoteric engine began to shudder, and it spluttered forth a cloud of smoke. Once the smog had finally dispersed, the image I now present to you lay on the floor before me, bound within a shard of purest celestium.
Despite my best efforts, I have thus far failed to discern what has been revealed, so I humbly seek your counsel.

Furthermore, I have learned of a temporal anomaly in the void that appears to be counting down to a nexus of fates in the imminent future. I intend to keep track of its progress and would urge you to do likewise should the intervention of your armies be necessary with great haste. I will continue to study the anomaly and will send news of any developments.

       –  Lord-Ordinator Verrinus Longsight

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