New Citadel Colour STC Range are a new line of brushes coming out. They are synthetic and..... White. Are they any different than other synthetics? Lets find out more.

via WarCom

The Citadel brush range has been a stalwart companion of hobbyists for many years, giving painters the world over specially designed tools to get their models looking as good as they can be. Now, the range is expanding.

The first thing you’ve no doubt noticed is the distinct, all-white colour scheme to set them apart from our regular brush range – you’ll never mistake which one you’re reaching for in your Citadel Paint Box. These brushes are more than just a sleek colour scheme, though.

By using carefully designed, totally synthetic bristles, the Citadel Colour STC Range offers a different painting experience to the regular range of Citadel brushes. The synthetic fibres have a noticeable springiness with balanced stiffness and distinct snapback, making them excellent candidates for drybrushing and highlighting raised edges.

The brushes with rounded tips have been designed to keep their profile for longer even when used frequently, and the straight-edged brushes are specially made to help prevent curling at the end of the bristles, keeping your painting accurate and sharp.

The Citadel Colour STC Range is coming soon, so keep an eye out for more information on when you’ll see their distinctive white colour scheme on shelves near you. In the meantime, up your painting game with the Citadel Artificer Layer brushes, made to produce results you never knew you were capable of.
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