Quite a bit here for Warhammer 40k on day 5 of Warhammer Fest. Orks and Cadian Upgrades are a solid bit of news.

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Mobs of mounted Beast Snaggas are often led into battle by a Nob, much like their foot-slogging comrades. For these brutal warriors, the regular squighog doesn’t offer quite enough oomph on the charge. Instead, they ride ferocious smasha squigs, adorned with a heavy armour plate that’s perfect for becoming the living, snarling wrecking ball that all Orks aspire to be.

Speaking of leaders, you may have noticed a particularly conspicuous gentleman with a rather wild crop of hair hanging around. Zodgrod Wortsnagga** is one of a rare breed – a Runtherd for hire shunned by Ork society for his wild and preposterous ideas. His supposedly absurd theory? Maybe grots aren’t entirely useless after all.

By using such un-Orky practices as ‘positive reinforcement’, Zodgrod lifts the runts under his care to heights other Gretchin can only dream of, much to the collective derision of his peers. 

This doesn’t stop many of the Beast Snaggas’ grots from being used for classically creative Ork ‘engineering’, however. Particularly unlucky types might find themselves as the ‘brain’ in a new breed of smart weapon accompanying the Squighog Boyz.

In addition to all these models that are perfect for starting a Beast Waaagh! of your own, the new army box offers a chance to get your hands on the full Ork codex early. The standalone book’s release is arriving a short time later – you know when the vanguard approaches, the rest of the Waaagh! isn’t far behind.

We can’t wait for all of the new Orks, so we just had to go and talk to the studio team to find out how they designed the ladz of the Beast Snaggas.

Best of all, these models we’ve shown off are only half of the greenskin reinforcements you’ll be seeing this year. Keep an eye firmly trained on our regular ‘Ere We Go article series to discover what’s coming next. Oh, and if you’re worried about the Beast Snaggas getting all of the new toys, don’t be.

Mega-armoured Warbosses have appeared in Ork codexes before but didn’t have their own miniature up until now. We’re excited to finally show off the first true appearance for this much-requested model.


The people who make up the fighting forces of the Astra Militarum come from all walks of life. Some are fresh-faced recruits, while others are embittered veterans of a dozen wars. 

Which is to say, there’s a whole lot more variety in the ranks of Humanity’s infantry than you might think. It seems only right, then, that your units on the tabletop have just as many differences between them, which is why boxes of Cadian Shock Troops will soon be upgraded with a whole new sprue of additional parts.

That’s not all they’re getting, either. The new sprue contains a full complement of special weapons for your Infantry squads, allowing you to field soldiers carrying sniper rifles, meltaguns, and more. You can even give your Sergeant that boltgun they’ve always wanted.

These parts are also an excellent way to jazz up your other Astra Militarum kits, as the heads are compatible with a wide range of other units. Don’t forget, if you’re trying to quickly add more bodies to hold the line, the push-fit Astra Militarum Cadians can bolster your ranks. 


Peer Into a Tome of Secrets
What’s this? A new teaser trailer appearing as if by magic? How curious.

It seems like two powerfully psychic forces are preparing to clash in an upcoming battle box. But the warp is fickle, and you’ll need to wait a little bit longer to find out exactly what’s going on here. 

Pardon? Castellan Crowe? We’ve never heard of this man in our lives, and we have it on good authority that there’s no such thing as a ‘Grey Knight’. Sit still, and we’ll send along one of our helpful Inquisitors to show you exactly where you were mistaken.

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