What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics or short video to natfka@live.com

Here are some pics of models that I have painted using the new contrast paints from GW for consideration for What's on your table. They are not exclusively contrast as I did use leadbelcher and other metallics, washes, and some traditional painting methods for certain parts. The Bullgryns are almost exclusively contrast except the metallic and technical (gore, battle damage, and the yellow/black stripes on the shields). 

Some impressions: For priming , I have found I enjoy changing the prime color. I did not get the GW colors for priming but instead used Vallejo light ghost grey for a grey primer and Vallejo white. The work very well and either the white or grey undercoat will give different effects for the contrast outcome. For example, skeleton horde (my favorite contrast paint so far) over white gives a nice, bleached bone/ushatabi bone look with agrax earthshade type wash effect (bullgryns). Skeleton horde over grey, however, gives a more baneblade brown type look (as seen over the desert/wasteland soldiers fatigues but white undercoat for their puttees, capes). (Also the side by side of the bullgryns, one was done with a white undercoat, left, the other grey so I could see which I liked better for different colors). This means that one contrast paint over different undercoats gets you different final outcomes.  Other thoughts: black templar is pretty good but not as good as I had hoped for black; still a good start for black which I prefer over grey undercoat. Blood angels red mirrors mephiston red/wazdakka red highlight over grey more than white.

Contrast paints used: skeleton horde, black templar, drakoath flesh, blood angels red, gore grunta fur, magos purple, nazdreg yellow. Looking forward to trying more.

In general, I like the contrast paints and have enjoyed trying different effects and comparing to the old style. It makes painting fun when something new like this comes out. Hope you enjoy and please comment and critique; I am always looking to improve my painting/modelling.


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