Its really a no brainer in Aeronautica that as an Ork player you need these. Great Dakka, bombs, and more bombs what else do you need?

The Eavy Bommers are available from Games Workshop this weekend.

Bombs Bombs and More bombs. O yea... big Bombs Too
An Eavy Bommer has one set of bombs built right into its base profile, and you can add up to three sets of smaller wing bombs or two pairs of big bombs. 

just Lots
close range it can dish out up to 7 Firepower to the front arc, 9 to each side, and even 3 to the rear. The turrets and big shootas also provide reliable mid-range firepower with 4 to the front, 5 to the sides or 2 to the rear 

Everything you need in a bommer
With the highest Structure Points in the game – 6 of them to be exact 
Spend just 2 points to add an Extra Armour upgrade – ignoring damage on a 6 – for a good laugh.

A Bombing Run at Altitude 1, for example, means all four to six of your dice will hit on a 4+, whilst bombing from levels even as high as 3 will typically still hit on a 6. 

only plane in the Air Waaagh! with a transport capacity

You see just how much you will be paying by following the links

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