Masters of Infiltration and getting in close, the Infiltrators and Incursors are previewed this morning and available for pre-orders this weekend!

via Warhammer Community
The Primaris Infiltrators were first sighted in the Shadowspear battlebox. Well, Space Marines fans can rejoice as they are now coming out as a fantastic multipart kit, which also builds a new unit – the Primaris Incursors. Today, we take a look at what these two units can bring to your army.


Within a Primaris Space Marines army, Infiltrators fulfil the role of an area-denial unit – and they’re amazing at it. By combining their ability to be deployed from Concealed Positions…
…and their Omni-scramblers, which force enemy reserves to deploy further away, they can ensure that part of the battlefield remains in your control.
One member of the squad can still be upgraded to a Helix Adept, providing medical support to the unit in the field.
Having a Helix Adept in your unit is incredibly useful, but now you have an important decision to make. If you don’t take this option, you can instead equip a model with an Infiltrator Comms Array. This lets you take full advantage of the aura effects of Space Marines officers in Phobos armour, meaning they can fight effectively without support far from your own lines.


Just like their Infiltrator brethren, the Incursors can operate from Concealed Positions. However, they have a different weapon loadout – they carry the occulus bolt carbine, a deadly weapon that denies the enemy the use of cover thanks to its advanced targeting system.
One member of the squad can also carry a Haywire Mine. This deadly weapon is especially effective against vehicles and is a great area-denial tool. Want to make an enemy think twice about claiming an objective? Then mine it!
The squad is also equipped with a multi-spectrum array. This suite of tools includes a Divinator-class auspex and, when combined with the occulus bolt carbine, gives the Incursors the ability to almost see through walls. This makes this unit perfect for picking off lightly armoured but thoroughly entrenched enemies.
Whether you assemble your unit as Infiltrators or Incursors, you’ll get some incredible new tactical options for your Space Marines army. If brute force doesn’t work, try something sneakier.*

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