Four vehicles and a codex are coming to pre-orders this weekend along with some other miscellaneous dice etc. Lets see what is on the list and just how much it will cost us.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212

Orks Codex £25.00
Orks Data Cards £10.00
Orks: Dice £12.50
Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy £27.50
Megatrakk Scrapjet £27.50
Deffkilla Wartrike £27.50
Boomdakka Snazzwagon £27.50
Mek Workshop £25.00

from our friends over on Miniwars

Codex Ork: 32,50€. 
Datacards: 12€ 
Dice: 15€
Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy: 35€
Megatrakk Scrapjet: 35€
Deffkilla Wartrike: 35€
Boomdakka Snazzwagon: 35€
Mek Workshop: 32,50€
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