The Snakebites are up and looking back to "Da Old Ways". Grab your choppa and smash somtin.

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Orks these days, eh? Runnin’ around, blasting each other with dakka, too fancy and high-falutin’ to use exploding squigs. “Da old ways” favoured by the Snakebite Clans date back to a simpler time, when an enterprising Ork only needed his wits, a choppa and an unbridled will to do violence unto other living creatures.
In those days, the Ork race had yet to encounter (and subsequently be inspired by) the ‘beaky’ Space Marines and the mighty Imperial Knightsand Battle Titans of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Though many of the other clans embraced the towering war engines and wazzy new technology the Meks created in answer to the Imperium’s fightiest machines, the Snakebites preferred to keep things simple as much as possible – after all, why build a Stompa when you’ve got a perfectly good Squiggoth to stomp the enemy flat?
The Snakebites are the most traditionalist of the Ork clans. In practice, their rugged lifestyle makes them better survivors, determined to show the other clans that “da old ways iz da best”. In-game, this is represented by a Clan Kultur that makes your Orks a little bit hardier than anyone else…
The Snakebites Clan Kultur represents their hard-bitten resilience and stubborn refusal to die. Working on everything from your Boyz to your Vehicles (after all, when Snakebites decide to muck about with technology, they build it to last), it’s a little like having a Painboy to hand at all times…
Being the most ‘old school’ of the Ork clans, the Snakebites have become highly accustomed at bringing down big prey without the aid of specialist gubbinz or technology to do it (though it can certainly help!). As a result, they have a Stratagem that is specific to their clan, the timely use of which can all but guarantee the destruction of a choice target:

Top Units

With their squig launchas and sturdy construction, Rukkatrukk Squigbuggies are every bit the iconic Snakebite vehicles. The Rukkatrukk’s speed, combined with the long range of its squig-launching weaponry, means that it can threaten almost anywhere on the battlefield with a salvo of bile, bitey or boom squigs. And in the case of its nasty heavy squig launcha, the Grot Gunner ensures it hits on a 4+ – deadly accuracy for an Ork weapon!
Another trick up the Rukkatrukk’s sleeve (or crammed in its squig cargo bay, to be precise) is its squig mine. By fielding two or even three of these vehicles, you’ll be able to effectively block off an area of the battlefield by laying a bunch of squig mines. Even an Imperial Knight will have to think twice about moving through an area if it has the potential to suffer 9 mortal wounds by doing so!
The 41st Millennium’s least predictable psykers are better than ever in the new Codex: Orks – and perfect for any Snakebite Warboss looking to melt their enemies without muckin’ about with any new-fangled technology. For one, your Clan Kultur gives you a 6+ save against any self-inflicted mortal wounds from Perils of the Warp (of which there will be many). For another, you’ve got some awesome new powers to play with – like Fists of Gork:
As if Warbosses weren’t scary enough! Da Krunch, on the other hand, can blend hordes with a few lucky rolls:
For an Ork army that’s as tough as old boots – and just as good at kicking people in the face – choose Snakebites for your clan. 

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