Create a Faction Contest is ongoing and will continue through the month of November! This is your chance to submit a race, and get them inserted into the starter set for Humanoids.

Create a Faction Contest
To join in and see what the latest for the Genesys Project, head on over and sign up to get your free product code and jump right into the open beta.

To see more about the create a faction contest going on now......

Reminder to everyone submitting their races: Increases to characteristics to not stack across evolutionary branches. You can see the Create a Faction Primer at this link.

The Hammerforged
Next up from the Create a Faction Contest are the Hammerforged. The Hammerforged are dwarves known for their firearms, armor, and polearms. Definitely an elite army rock solid in formation. Armored up these guys will be tough to break with ranks of long reach weapons, exotic firearms to back them up, and ranks of Ogre shock troops.

Previous Armies
Previously revealed Armies for the Create a Faction Contest can be seen below.

Plainswalker Nomads

The Empire of Exodia
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