Chaos Legions are creeping closer now that the Necron codex is out. While it may or may not be next, I am beyond excited for this codex. It seems that even back as far as 3rd edition when everything was chapter approved out of White Dwarf magazines, we all wished for a codex that was more specific for each of the fallen chapters we liked.

Night Lords was by far my favorite back then, and this rumor mentions a stange assassin type for them.

I have been a little occupied the last few days with a family member, so thanks for your patience. (it also means I have been behind on digging up rumors)

via ghost21 and Compiled by Big Red on BOLS
-i really really shouldnt but, ive only seen a dreadnaught of the two mentioned (regarding a previous report of new plastic Chaos Dread and Raptors)

-To quickly add. will lesser chaos gods feture. yes n all of the fallen legions will be there

-saw preliminary types for khonate chrono gladiators... and a really bizarre night lord assassin type thing...

-oh im sure if people want a new abaddon.. i saw one but really it isnt much...

-little horus on the other hand... now there's a wow figure

-there was a little heated discussion weather alpha legion should be in this or the traitors dex... there in the legion dex

-the new abaddon as really it just seems bigger n bulkier, like somebody 3d scanned it n made him larger

-the minor chaos gods are already named, its like marks though, no daemons

-i did see a dark mechanicus guy... not sure if he will make it though, a very creepy sculpt based on a john Blanche piece

-this is really something to be taken with a grain of salt there may may be a 30k boxed set at some point, containing one of each of the legions characters

-oh one last thing its ward

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