Going to a hardback codex something like what Fantasy did is highly expected in my book. I think the fantasy army books are extremly nice looking and a step or two above in quality what we currently have for 40k. My 40k codexes get pretty beat up fast, and the ink inside each ones tends to smear as it fades to darken each page. (perhaps too much re-reading of the pages).

Directly to the rumors, please take with salt.

via Ghost21
6th ed codex will be hardback

and i didnt see a named warsmith, only the dark mechanicus guy
ill say this there are havoc's for marked legions

though each legion will get something unique to them, from force organization to individual units to hqs, for example night lords n world eaters can only have 1 heavy support but get other boni

remember huron has quite decent kit, so expect something like a 2nd ed list for him. also, in some ways picking a legion will restrict you, there are allot of chaos characters already in fluff so expect most to return, plus a few new faces

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