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I wanted to share my Seraptek heavy construct 
Mine is part of the Nihilakh dynasty.

I always enjoy and look for inspiration in how others did their models.
For this model there are but few pictures on the weg. So this time I wanted to make an effort and get some pictures out there.

It really is an awsome model.
But one does have to love the zen moments of moldline removal.
I did and the effort pays of.

I disliked the connection points for the leggs though. It remains an fragile point.

What I would like to give as an advice to others whom will pick this model up....
Build before painting!

On this one I made an effort to paint before assembly and picked out details no one will ever see....
As a result. It was hard to glue the socket part for the fore limbs in place.
And also the section where the wapon hanging goes.
Those remain points that can not take stress. Paint will make the fitting just a tad off.
Thin as I made the layers
And it tends to break. Especialy those big fore arms.

Still as a model.... It wins me battles now where I used to very much strugle vs those tanks and knights.


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