Alpha Legion is up today for the Chaos Space Marine codex previews.

via the Warhammer Community
Who are the Alpha Legion?
Well, that’s a pretty good question, and one that’s still a matter of some debate! The Alpha Legion are, at least by appearances, a Chaos Legion who specialise in stealth and subterfuge. Since the days of the Horus Heresy, they have sown discord across the galaxy, instigating massive insurrections, using propaganda and sabotage by local populations to ready planets for conquest. The goals of their secret war are a mystery – its effectiveness is not. Upon Vigilus, the Alpha Legion have the potential to wreak terrible havoc, with tensions between defenders already at breaking point.
The Alpha Legion have even more tricks to unleash on the tabletop with Vigilus Ablaze, particularly if you’re looking to mount your own deadly cult insurrection on the tabletop.
What’s a good Alpha Legion uprising without countless brainwashed civilians ready to die for the cause? Vigilus Ablaze is fantastic for Alpha Legion fans looking to build a thematic (and deadly) guerilla uprising thanks to the Cult of the Damned.


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