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Chaos Havocs and Terminators Prices.....Updated with US/CA prices

Its been one of those days and I am posting a little late today... and tomorrow might be that way as well. Either way I will get to everything I can. Here is the latest releases and prices for this week's releases.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212

Chaos Space Marines Terminators

·         A heavily armoured Chaos Space Marines unit

·         5-man multipart plastic kit, with multiple head and weapon options

·         New version for Chaos Terminators (43-19) in the E:200a range. Please replace with this new version on sell through of the currently existing box

Chaos Space Marines Havocs

·         The long range heavy weapons specialists of the Chaos Space Marines

·         5-man multipart plastic kit, with multiple weapon options. The spare heavy weapons are compatible with the Chaos Space Marines squads (43-06)

US/CA Prices