There are two big sets of Chaos Space Marines coming next weekend to pre-orders; Havocs and Terminators. These are two new big kits that a lot of us have been watching for. Here is a preview of whats coming.

via the Warhammer Community
First up, we’ve got the all-new Havocs! Now in glorious plastic, these models bring the Havocs to life with all manner of grisly, techno-baroque detail. These guys have mastered their weapons to the extent that they’ve started fusing with them and adopting all manner of strange mechanical mutations like stabilising talons and bulging mechanical eyes to help them slaughter the foe.
This kit will allow you to build 5 Havocs, armed with an array of heavy weaponry. Inside, you’ll find 2 missile launchers, 2 heavy bolters, 2 lascannons, 2 autocannons and 1 reaper chaincannon, giving you loads of choice when kitting out your squads. What’s more, all of these heavy weapons are designed to be compatible with the Chaos Space Marines kit, meaning you’ll be able to use your spares to up-gun your chosen squads! A choice of heads, accessories, shoulder pads and more allow you to customise your Havocs even further.
Havocs bring the heavy firepower – Terminators bring the heavy armour. The most elite of the Chaos Space Marines, these baleful champions look incredibly imposing in their new kit – hulking behemoths who look like they could kill you just by charging into you!
These new Terminators are better armed than ever before, with the kit featuring an arsenal of melee and ranged weapons. There are few foes who’ll be able to stand against a tooled-up squad of Chaos Terminators…

Pre-order these guys for yourself next weekend

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