Its a huge week coming for Chaos Space Marines. An updated Codex+ Vigilus Ablaze, and did we mention........ Abaddon the Despoiler. Oh yea, it looks also like we have an updated Chaos Space Marine set that is designed to literally jump in and customize with different bits and parts from other sets.

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Abaddon the Despoiler

"Optional cape and three choices of head"

Chaos Space Marines

"The new Chaos Space Marines set builds you a squad of ten of these superhuman reavers, realised in baroque and terrifying splendour. Just as awesome-looking as the models from Warhammer 40,000: Shadowspear and Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress, these models have been made with customisation in mind, allowing you to build units of close-combat raiders, long-ranged fire teams and anything in between. If you’re looking to field smaller squads, there are enough parts inside to build two units of five, each with a special or heavy weapon, Chaos Icon, and appropriately sinister-looking Aspiring Champion."

Fittings on this set are compatible with much of the Chaos Space Marines and Space Marines ranges, allowing you to go crazy with conversions and head swaps to make your Legion your own.

The Noctilith Crown

Vigilus Ablaze

With Abaddon leading the Black Legion in their latest brutal assault on realspace, the war for Vigilus enters its final, terminal phase…

Codex: Chaos Space Marines – the Updated Edition

The Heretic Astartes have expanded a lot since their codex was released in 2017, so we’ve given Codex: Chaos Space Marines a spruce-up! We’ve combined the previous codex with recent rules releases – including new datasheets, psychic powers, and Chapter Approved points changes – for your convenience.

What to Buy?

Wondering what you need to pick up to bring your Chaos Space Marines up to date? We’ve got you covered.

And, so those of you with the last codex can get hold of the rules for the updated Shadowspear units, we’re making the Chaos datasheets from the box free to download.
If you’re raring to try the new-and-improved Obliterators for yourself or just fancy reading through the new datasheets, you can download the free Shadowspear update below.

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