New Adeptas Sororitas reveals today showing off Backpacks, a Cuirass, and more.

via the Warhammer Community

This power pack, for example, features more ornate detail than the standard Battle Sisters, as well as a leather-bound chainsword (you never know when you might need one).
This cuirass feels more ceremonial than those worn by standard Adepta Sororitas and is replete with engravings and other fine details to make the Character stand out.
Everything, right down to the bases, has been taken into account. Ruined statuary and columns help to bring the world of the Adepta Sororitas and the shrines they defend to life and place them firmly in the 41st Millennium.
Every new Sisters of Battle Character will help to flesh out their world even further. This time around, we’ve been able to recreate details and flourishes never before possible. These can be small but meaningful touches such as the rosary beads that adorn several senior Adepta Sororitas to demonstrate their constant faith, even in battle. You’ll notice, if you look closely, that these beads are of different sizes – each is meant to represent a specific virtue, or cluster of virtues, practised by that specific Battle Sister.
Flocks of doves play a similar role as symbols of purity and peace that juxtapose fascinatingly with the brutal weapons wielded by the characters they’re modelled with.
As well as these key aesthetic touchstones, the new Sisters of Battle characters are replete with subtle details that speak to their specific roles. Take this audio device – a baroque implement designed to issue orders, prayers or motivational litanies.

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