Shadowspear is fully unveiled today with an unboxing from the Warhammer Community. See what is in the box.

via the Warhammer Community

1: The Box!

First up, we’ve got the box itself – isn’t it nice? For size comparison, here’s what it looks like next to an Intercessor.

2: The Sprues

On the top layer of the box, we’ve got sprues – lots and lots of sprues!

Once built, these will make for two pretty sizable forces. These are absolutely packed with parts, and designed for quick assembly.

There are some really cool bitz here for those looking to chop up and customise their set – we particularly like the hooded heads for the Eliminators, as well as the various horrific spike-limbs found in the box.

The heads and backpacks in the set are designed to be interchangeable with each other and other models from their respective ranges – some heads or backpacks might need pegs trimmed off, but they’re pretty easy to work with. This means that if you get more than one Shadowspear set, you’ll be able to ensure that your core troops all look distinct. Neat!

3: The Next Layer

Were that the entirety of Shadowspear, it’d still be pretty cool, but there are even more goodies in the box underneath an awesome poster of the cover art…

…we’ve got two 24-page codexes and the Shadowspear campaign book, plus bases, flying stands and instructions.

4: The Codexes

These are really cool! Rather than containing just datasheets, these are fully fledged (if teeny!) codexes. So, if we open up Codex: Daemonkin, we’ll find lore…


…and even totally new Psychic Powers and Warlord Traits!

These are great for gaming right out the box, and make allying the forces inside with an existing Chaos or Imperium force simple.

5: The Shadowspear Campaign Book

As well as containing some background looking at how the Vanguard Space Marines and Daemonkin fight (and just what they’re up to on Nemendghast), you’ll find no fewer than 6 narrative-focused Crucible of War missions, plus some suggestions for cooking up your own.

6. A sample chapter of Black Legion!

And finally, a sample chapter of Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s rather excellent Black Legion, to get you in the mood to slaughter some lapdogs of the Corpse-Emperor.*
Order Shadowspear for yourself this weekend

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