Shadowspear is coming and today we get a preview of the rules for the Daemonkin. You can compare these to the leaked images we had a few days back.

Leaked images

via the Warhammer Community

If you are eagerly awaiting the pre-order of Warhammer 40,000: Shadowspear this weekend, we have a look at some of the rules for the new Daemonkin units in the battlebox, including a look at a few Warlord Traits and psychic powers from the new Malefic discipline. Let’s kick things off with some familiar faces

Chaos Space Marines

Other than an incredible overhaul of the miniatures, these guys remain largely as you remember them. Chaos Space Marines are the reliable backbone of the Traitor Legions and Daemonkin alike – after all, the Daemonkin units are themselves Chaos Space Marines first and foremost, so can freely join their Detachments.


These guys must have been working out hard in the Eye of Terror, as they’re now utterly monstrous in scale, standing almost as tall as a Helbrute! This new bulk comes with an extra Wound and an additional point of Toughness, and they can now be deployed on their own and in pairs instead of only in threes, giving them some additional tactical flexibility. That’s not even all, as their formidable fleshmetal guns are now Assault 6, and they are now armed with a nasty melee weapon in their crushing fists.

Greater Possessed

These champions of the Dark Gods have become one with a daemonic Herald, lending them a power that surpasses that of other Possessed. Not only does this warp-born strength lend them a profile that eclipses even that of a Chaos Lord, but they emanate an aura of unholy energy that empowers those born of the empyrean – a fantastic bonus for melee-focussed units such as Possessed and Daemon Engines.


One such Daemon Engine is the Venomcrawler – a hideous amalgam fresh from the corrupted forges of Nemendghast. This brand-new vehicle scuttles forward blasting apart its prey with a pair of deeply unpleasant excruciator cannons.

In addition to a ferocious hitting power in combat, Venomcrawlers offer a neat bonus to Daemonic Rituals in their proximity.

Master of Possession

Not only is a Master of Possession a capable Psyker, able to manifest two powers a turn, but they can wreak havoc in the enemy’s Psychic phase too.

In addition to having a 5+ invulnerable save from their daemonic patronage, these sorcerers can wield psychic powers from the Malefic discipline. Possession not only increases his hitting power but enables him to bind a daemon to his victims! A free Greater Possessed, anyone?

If you feel that your Venomcrawler (or if you really want to bring the pain, your Khorne Lord of Skulls) could use a handy boost, simply unleash Infernal Power.

As a Psyker, a Master of Possession can generate a Daemonkin Warlord Trait, further enhancing his psychic potential. For example, Warp Lord will help to up your average roll when making a Psychic test, all the while reducing the likelihood of suffering Perils of the Warp from a double 1.

By contrast, should you be looking to enhance your psychic defence, Devourer of Magic will give your Master of Possession a second attempt to deny enemy powers, as well as the opportunity to heal your Warlord in the process!

There’s certainly a lot to look forward to in the Shadowspear battlebox if you serve the Dark Gods (or are ready to throw in your lot with the Warmaster)

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