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Vigilus Ablaze Preview

Vigilus Ablaze is up for pre-orders tomorrow morning.... Here is a preview....

via the Warhammer Community
Abaddon’s vast armada has arrived in the Vigilus System, indicating that the battle for the invaluable sentinel world is about the reach its final, climactic stage. Yet Marneus Calgar will not yield the lynchpin of the Nachmund Gauntlet without a fight, so the stage is set for a truly epic confrontation between two of the 41st Millennium’s greatest commanders. Can the Imperial flotilla hold the nigh-unstoppable Vengeful Spirit and its accompanying fleet at bay? What do the defenders have in store for the Black Legion forces already on the planet? If the fleet does breach the blockade, will Abaddon take to the field himself? Should he make planetfall, will Marneus Calgar meet him in battle?
All these questions and more will be answered in the concluding part of the Vigilus saga. One thing we know for certain is that Abaddon is bringing much more than just the Black Legion to bear upon Vigilus – check out some of the forces at his disposal…
Of course, the Black Legion already have a taloned foothold on Vigilus in the form of Haarken Worldclaimer and his Raptor Hosts. The Herald of Abaddon has been far from idle during the 80 days that preceded his dread master’s arrival in-system, and his forces now control significant portions of the embattled hivesprawls across the planet.

Campaign Rules

For the gamers out there, Vigilus Ablaze also has loads of new campaign rules that will help you re-enact the events and key battles of the War of Nightmares. First up, there’s an updated Nihilus Events table that represents the geological and empyric fallout of the war that has been raging on the embattled world and throughout the Nachmund Gauntlet.
There are also 12 new missions to play – six Crucible of War and six Echoes of War missions – which you can pick and choose from or randomly generate before each game.
There are exotic new battlezones, too, ranging from the bridge or hangar bay of a spaceship to the sudden (and apocalyptically violent) arrival of a roving Speedwaaagh! mid-battle.
Like the new Nihilus Events table, there is also an updated set of war zone rules enabling you to fight your battles within the (even more) war-torn hivesprawls of Vigilus, including Dontoria, Kaelec’s Bane and even the Greater Omnissian Hoist.
That’s it for now!