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HH Leaks: Horus Heresy Book 8: Malevolence

This book is right around the corner possibly coming to pre-orders this Friday.

via Charlo on Bolter and Chainsword



  • Warmonger: under 50pts, Digital Lasers, Iron Halo - Grants himself and a unit Deep Strike
  • Mortificator: under 30pts, Servo-Arm, Corpsulent Stave (Haywire melee attacks  S:U+1 AP4) - you need to take a unit of 2-5 Legion/ Contemptor/ Cortus Dreads that this guy joins and is fearless while with them. Attacks always target the dreads. All the dreads may shoot at a different target. If one runs they all must. If two or more dreads target a single model in CC their attacks gain Shred & Sunder. Legiones Astartes rules do not confer. GLANCING & PENETRATING HITS ARE IGNORED ON A 5+ (not counted as a save).
  • Arrmistos: under 25pts, Hardened Armour, Auguary Scanner, MC Heavy-Bolter OR Volkite Culverin - Stubborn. Support Officer. One unit equipped with the same heavy weapon as him gains Master-Crafted on the weapons.
  • Primus Nullificator: under 50pts, Cataphractii armour, Aether-Shock Maul (S+2, AP4, Deflagurate), Hexagrammic Wards (re-roll invuln saves caused by Daemons) - Adamantium Will, Can be Mastery Level 1 but must generate from Sanctic, removes the 0-1 restriction on Nullificators and moves to non-compulsory troops.
  • Esoterist: under 20pts, may take force weapon. If no Terminator armour, may take psyk out grenades or archeotech pistol - Support Officer. Can take up to Mastery Level 2 but must generate from Malefic or Sanctic.
  • Legion Nullificators: Cataphractii, Aether Shock Maul, Combi-Bolters, Hexagrammic Wards. Can take fists instead. Sergeant has WS5 and 3A. Also any model can take a "Toxiferrum Flamer" yet I haven't been told the rules for this yet.

I've seen a single Psykana and....
  • DIVINING BLADE - upgrade to a Paragon Blade for +30pts.
  • S+2, AP1 Melee, Two-Handed, Instant Death, Master-Crafted, Psy-Lash (if a wound is caused against a daemon, psyker, brotherhood of psykers or psychic pilot, one random model in the unit suffers a perils).

Fluff is excellent too, basically only a few in existence and Horus seemingly has them all - each gifted to a warrior of upmost importance.