Shadowspear is available for pre-order starting tomorrow morning, so already its about how these models will help expand your forces for matched play, or as a starting point for a new force. Here are some listbuilding ideas from GW.

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Picture the situation – you’ve finished assembling and painting all of the miniatures in your Warhammer 40,000: Shadowspear set and fought through the campaign’s exciting missions a bunch of times. You’re now looking to expand your budding collections into full-on matched play armies, but where do you go from here? Well, we’ve got some ideas and have made up a few lists with the models in the set used as a starting point…


This army, approximately 2000 points in size when kitted out, runs with the Daemonkin theme throughout its composition. However, this isn’t purely for narrative reasons – almost all of the units in the army will benefit from bonuses like the Locus of Power aura ability of the Greater Possessed. The two Greater Possessed can be set up as separate units, meaning that you will be able to spread the effect across most of the battlefield.

The Master of Possession has some powerful psychic abilities that can really boost the effectiveness of your force, and his Warlord Trait (enabling him to re-roll casting rolls of 1) will help to increase the odds of him manifesting them. Should you manage to pull off both powers in the same turn, then alongside the aura ability of the Greater Possessed, you’ll be adding 1 to the Strength and invulnerable saves of nearby Possessed, Daemon Engines and Obliterators, while enabling them to re-roll hit and wound rolls of 1! If you’re able to position them correctly, imagine that effect applied to your two big Possessed units as they crash into the enemy lines…

Your 10-man squads of Chaos Space Marines are great for holding objectives and offering fire support while the rest of your fast-moving, melee-focussed army speeds towards the foe to engage them in combat. Alternatively, you can use them to follow up your first wave of daemonically possessed gribblies and put the new beta Bolter Disciplinerules to good use at close range.


This army is within the region of 2000 points with wargear and is designed to threaten objectives and enemy units anywhere on the battlefield. By setting up all the units in the Vanguard Detachment in low orbit, you’ll be able to see five of your opponent’s units deploy before you need to commit any of your own. Your Infiltrators, Scouts, Captain and Librarian are all able to set up in concealed positions, enabling you to secure any advantageous forward positions right from the get-go.

The army offers a large number of snipers* in the Scout Squads, Eliminators and even the Captain in Phobos Armour, whose master-crafted occulus bolt carbine will be augmented to Damage 3 thanks to his Warlord Trait. All this sniper fire will enable you to pick off enemy Characters with relative ease, robbing your opponent of their own aura abilities and psychic powers. Your Librarian will be able to further augment their firepower – or that of your Infiltrators – with Scryer’s Gazeand can add his own Character-hunting efforts with Mind Raid (and if you equal or beat their Leadership characteristic on 3D6, you’ll even bag yourself a Command Point).

Once the battle is underway, you can unleash your Vanguard Detachment in force, dropping down 34 models (totalling more than 70 Wounds between them) right where your opponent is most vulnerable and immediately dominate that area of the battlefield. Tank-hunting duties will fall to your Land Speeders, but when armed with multi-meltas and typhoon missile launchers, they will be more than up to the task.

How do you plan on expanding your forces once you’ve pre-ordered the set tomorrow? Let us know on the Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page.

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