Lycanthropy comes in several forms in the Genesys Project. It may be a curse, from genetic heritage, or even as a disease inflicting your forces or hero. Lycanthropes have been a favorite for some time with in house testers dating all the way back to before the Open Beta when we had a tester show up with an entire slave lycanthrope army.

As Halloween is right around the corner its time to take a look at the creatures that go bump in the night.

Just like other traits you select, creating a werebeast is as easy as selecting a trait that includes Lycanthropy in it. Once you do.... the deal is done and its time to create the rest of your Lycanthrope. You can take these traits either at the time you are creating your faction, or later from Mission Awards when you are able to take additional traits for your Faction, Classes, or even your Hero.

Once you select a trait that includes Lycanthropy ability you may make a selection of the Beast type, a trigger, and exactly what kind of affliction you have. This gives you a great deal of customization to create a lycanthrope class, hero, or even entire species.

The Affliction 
There are three ways to get Lycanthropy, each of these granting abilities that are acquired and only usable in humanoid form.

  • Cursed: Being cursed with Lycanthropy brings about the transformation quicker and more frequently. This allows for the transformation to occur on the result of a die roll 1 higher than normal. 
  • Genetic Heritage: Being born into it, these werebeasts are naturally stronger than normal humanoids, granting an Increase Strength 1
  • Inflicted: Whether inflicted with Lycanthropy purposely or by being wounded by others, the inflicted gain an additional trigger. 

The Beast
Lycanthropes takes on the forms of many wild beasts, from Felines, Bear, Bull, and of course the Wolf. Each beast type brings in new abilities and characteristic increases, from Infiltration and movement with Wererats, to Trample attacks and toughness with Werebulls. The Beast abilities are only available after the beast has been triggered.

What attracts players to Lycathropy is the transformation into the beast, gaining on physical attributes ready to tear up the enemy forces for what would be less points than than taking the traits by other means. Of course there are drawbacks as the transformations are not always guaranteed to be in the open. That brings us to what Triggers the change. In most cases you will be selecting one Trigger.

  • Bloodlust. The smell of the enemies blood in the air is one way your Lycanthropes can trigger a transformation. Of course the enemy must have just been killed in melee combat, and with a roll of the dice may take place. 
  • Full Moon. Night battles have a solid chance to bring about the transformation, although not every battle will the moon be visible. This gives a solid chance at the beginning of the battle and again as the game moves into the End Game (rounds 7+).
  • Taking Wounds. Being wounded grants the chance that not only will you heal from the wound, but it causes the transformation into your werebeast. Of course this is only possible if you are at 0 wounds or above. Critical hits or taking a lot of damage can take you below that preventing the transformation.
Once triggered in -game the werebeast comes out, gaining the increases or abilities granted from the beast.

Unnatural Abilities
Finally there are Unnatural Abilities that will define exactly what your Lycanthrope is capable of.  The trait that grants you Lycanthropy comes with a modifier X allowing you to select a number of these unnatural abilities for your Werebeast. Taking additional traits allows for additional selections from the unnatural abilities below. 
Unnatural Abilities include the following (although there are a few more). 
  • Unnatural Strength,
  • Unnatural Toughness
  • Unnatural Movement
  • Climbing and Leap: allowing movement up without counting verticle movement and leaping to take flying creatures out of the sky.
  • Large Beast increasing Model size
  • Maiming attacks

Supernatural Abilities
Again there are more Supernatural Abilities than listed here, and come from taking additional traits that unlock these abilities to really make your greater or alpha werebeasts something to fear. Of course the point cost to take this is higher, and there are additional restrictions on them, including which Unit Classes can take them. Hint, your Leader or Unique Classes only. 

  • Shapeshifter is able to transform at will
  • Unkillable: Gains great bonuses during the combat situation. 
  • Regenerating: Heals wounds during the effects phase 

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