I am and always will be a news junkie and most of the time when I read this stuff I share it with different audiences, friends, and family. On occasion though over the years I've shared some really cool articles or advances that are either currently in operation in the real world or are coming in the near future.

So things like this are fun to imagine being implemented into our game systems. Adaptive and Active Armor systems for vehicles making them nearly invisible with armor that cloaks their appearance, automatic countermeasures, liquid armor, man-optional Tanks that can be remotely controlled and even completely autonomous vehicles of the near future. Are our tabletop miniature games really this far behind?

Even so, the we all know that the tech in the 41st millennium is outdated old tech from the past so such a backstory can pick and choose what they have. This stuff is still fun to check out though.

Here is the link to a news article that just came out after the AUSA annual conference that ended 2 days ago on the 10th.

Of course the next big show I will be watching is next month and talks about some of the same thing at the "Autonomy, Robotics, and AI in the Future Force" event in Detroit, where industry leaders talk shop and sometimes show off something cool.

And if you are wondering, the top pic is an actual laser meant to shoot down drones with slightly larger ones aimed at stopping vehicles.

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