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Orks Preview: Ork Clans Goffs

Time to take a look at the Ork Clans...... the Goffs are up first!

via the Warhammer Community
Welcome to Clan Fokus – a new series on Warhammer Community where we’ll be taking a closer look at all the new Clan Kulturs in the new Codex: Orks. These powerful special rules let you tailor your play style and offer huge benefits to nearly every unit in your army. We’ll be previewing a new Clan Kultur every day this week, starting today with the Goffs…
Bigger, meaner and ’arder than any other Orks in the galaxy, the Goffs are violent, direct and constantly spoiling for a fight. Battling anything and everyone they encounter (including each other in the absence of suitably fighty opponents) the Goff’s are the Orkiest Orks that ever Orked. Though they are happy to pursue any means to victory – be it kunnin’speedin’ or shootin’ – they love nothing more than krumpin’ the enemy “up-close an’ personal”. Being the most warlike of a warlike race, it is no surprise that the deadliest Ork of them all, Ghazghkull Thraka, is a Goff.
Goffs love fightin’. So much, in fact, that they’re always trying to outfight the other clans to show just how Orky they are. They’re pretty good at it too:
This simple but effective Clan Kultur makes your army that little bit better when it’s getting stuck in with brutal melee combat, and complements Dakka! Dakka! Dakka! superbly – whether you’re shootin’ or choppin’ up your enemies, you’ll be generating free attacks on hit rolls of 6.

Top Units

There are few units with the close-combat punch of a pack of killsaw-armed Meganobz, and they’d be a great choice for an army of Goffs even without the generous points reduction they’ve received. However, there’s one Stratagem that makes them invaluable – Tellyporta:
You can combine this Stratagem with any Orks unit you wish, as long it has a Power Rating of 20 or under, but that’s potentially a full unit of 10 Meganobz! With their ’Ere We Go ability enabling you to re-roll either one or both of the dice when making your charge roll, you stand a great chance of getting this deadly unit stuck in as soon as they arrive.
Boyz! Can an Ork army ever have enough of them? Goff Boyz (especially ones equipped with choppas for an extra attack) are some of the best close-combat units in the entirety of Codex: Orks, laying down a ferocious amount of attacks in melee. They also have access to a nifty Stratagem of their own representing the biggest and toughest Goffs Boyz, known as Skarboyz:
In game terms, the difference between Strength 4 and 5 is a huge. It will enable you mince Toughness 4 units and threaten tanks (even Imperial Knights!) with your sheer volume of attacks. To make the most of the Stratagem, be sure to take a full unit of 30 Boyz to upgrade in this manner. That way, Skarboyz you’ll be dishing out the better part of 100 Strength 5 attacks!
On a separate note, a number of you have been asking if there will be a set of Ork datacards available with the codex. We can happily confirm that there is indeed. We have proof and everything!
If you want to smash your enemies up in close combat, you really can’t go wrong with the Goffs