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Madmen, Undead, and the Secrets you should not be looking into.

While we have looked at some fun things for Genesys Project focused on Halloween themes, I have been avoiding the biggest one of all. Found below is the one trait that goes beyond the the mortal world and breaks the chains or reality.

Here those possessed and transformed into demons, consumed by madness, overtaken by devilish plagues, and uncovered the secrets to cheating death itself can be found.

Here are the secrets to Forbidden Knowledge.

Lets jump right in because Forbidden Knowledge has been around for quite some time in the Genesys Project going far back into the alpha testing of the game. In concept this allows you to do crazy things beyond your normal humanoid limitations, in essence it unlocks traits from other Life Domains... like the Fey.

Here is how it works.
When taking a class trait for a Leader or Unique unit class you can select a trait from the Forbidden Knowledge Evolutionary Branch.. essentially someone important takes the trait, which grants you a bonus trait without having to have the pre-requisites and can be from almost anywhere... and can be from another Life Domain, like the Fey.

Once you take the Forbidden Knowledge, select the new trait and adding the cost of it together. What this does is unlock the entire Branch of traits, or Sphere of Influence for your faction.

So taking a Trait from the Fey book in in the Sphere of Influence Death would allow traits from the Sphere to be taken by others in your Faction. Essentially the Sphere of Influence: Death would allow you to create an army of Undead. The Sphere of Madness would allow for classes really off the deep end, like Crazed Berserkers or Mad Scientist. Even Humanoids possessed by the Demons could be created this way.

Forbidden Knowledge really opens up the gate when it comes to really creating the faction that you have always wanted to play.

Ghosts, Goblins, Vampires, Undead, Demons, and much more are possible in the Genesys Project, The best part though is that you are in control their abilities and how they play.

Have a Great Halloween, Create something devious and scary tonight... for it's Hallows Eve tonight.