What would it be like without the ability to create monsters for your faction....... yea, boring in fact. Well lucky for you the Genesys Project allows you to do just that... create Monstrous Beasts that can be used as shock troops, mounts, or however you need them to work. Did I mention you can improve them as well as time goes on. Its possible to create Undead Mounts, Hybrid Monsters, or even later converting your Monstrous Beasts with advanced technology like bionics and much more.

The mechanics for this work very differently than taking horses or other domesticated animals which are added to a class more like equipment is. Monstrous Beasts has been very much updated and refined since the Open Beta.

Monstrous Beasts are a whole new class that you create, which do not have your factions base traits. The class gives you a starting point with different starting characteristics determined by what type of monster you are building.

For example... if you are creating a Griffon you would take a trait that grants Monstrous Biests so that you access to an animal Kingdom from the Biestarium Grimoire. Here you would take Felines, after all you be wanting to create the body of lion. Then to create you fantastic hybrid creature you would take an secondary trait allowing access to the Biestarium Grimoire again and add in the Biest Kingdom Avians for your Eagle.

What this does is grant you access to both sets of traits from both Kingdoms to customize your Griffon even further. On top of that Monstrous Beasts has its own sets of traits which are all combined giving your Beast a completely customized set of traits to choose from... and grow into when you apply further mission rewards.

So... what?
Well with this you can access the Reptilia as well to create Drakes, Serpents, as your Monstrous Beast, or even create Monstrous Spiders, Beetles, or more by accessing the Insekt Domain as well.

Now you are going to say what about the Fey, you haven't mentioned them. Of course you can. Need to create an Elemental Drake by gaining access to the Sphere of Influence Fire?, any trait that allows you to gain the Fey Beasts will allow you to gain access to any Sphere of Influence your Monstrous Beasts needs.

To top it off, your Monstrous Beasts can even become a unique named creature of its kind. You can use your mission rewards to create a Hero out of him, making him a Named Creature of his type that can far exceed his brethren.

One of my favorite things to do is grab models that I love..... like this Stingray rider from Raging Heroes and turn them into Monstrous Beasts with a rider. To do it I started off with the Ichthyes Biest Kingdom and added in the Fey Beasts.. using the Sphere of Influence Air to really get these Stingrays airborn and fast. You will get to see these bad boys (girls) in the near future, and how they work in games of the Genesys Project.

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