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Video and review: Armies on Parade 2018 in Berlin

Games Workshop Berlin 2

From Faeit 212 Community News Site
Author Morpheus "The Fantasy Hammer"

Like every year I invite you to read a review and to watch the video from Armies on Parade. This time - 2018 in Berlin Germany =) For those impatient - the video is at the end of this post.

The first one was Games Workshop at the Frankfurter Allee 96. It was Armies on Parade day so I took with me an improved display of my Wood Elves - I replaced some of the old models with some recently painted miniatures. I won't write about my work here because I entered the competition just for sport and to see my display again among many other fantastic displays.

Armies on Parade Wood Elves

The first very pleasant surprise was the shop manager who was absolutely and incredibly positive and helpful throughout my stay there. Not only did he translate from German to English, but I also received a Stormcast Eternals Liberator miniature, a lot of promotional gadgets and (another surprise) I had the opportunity to take various parts of miniatures for free (at the end of the day there was also a competition for the most interesting kitbash miniature).

Armies on Parade 2018 GW Berlin 2Armies on Parade 2018 GW Berlin 2
Armies on Parade 2018 GW Berlin 2

The biggest surprise (at least for me) was a guided tour of the Games Workshop salon and of its "neighborhoods". In the inner courtyard in the building next to Games Workshop shop was a Christian church, which made its main area available that day for the Age of Sigmar tournament. It turned out that such events take place quite often there (they play Age of Sigmar as well as Warhammer 40k, Lord of the Rings and even Shadespire).

Games Workshop Berlin 2
Games Workshop Berlin 2

As if that wasn't enough, at the end of the day, besides the Armies on Parade awards, additional prizes were given, including those won in the Age of Sigmar tournament and in the Rogue Demon painting competition in several categories (if only I knew about it beforehand I would certainly bring at least Ogroid Thaumaturge of Tzeentch with me). There was also a speedpainting competition that day.

Games Workshop Berlin 2

Despite the fact that everyone voted on two categories in Armies on Parade - Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40k and subcategories like the best-painted army, for some reason there were awards only for the first three places and only exceptionally for the very Young Blood. All I can say is that the award ceremony took more than half an hour (there were so many prizes in all those contests!) and that the Games Workshop shop was absolutely full, everyone was cheering, laughing and applauding (also for me and my wife as the only participants from Poland). It was a great and unforgettable experience!

While I was waiting for the end of the day and the results of Armies on Parade I was also very curious about how AoP takes place in the remaining Berlin Games Workshops so I decided to visit them. We pulled out our folding bikes from the trunk of our car and went on a bicycle tour around Berlin on the Games Workshop trail.

Games Workshop Berlin Alexanderplatz

First, we went to Games Workshop at Alexanderplatz (it was opened in April this year and more specifically it is at Litfaßplatz 3). On the way, we collided and had to break through a 240,000 peaceful manifestation that opposed racism and xenophobia (it was a really impressive manifestation). The Games Workshop shop itself was much smaller than the previous one and to my great surprise, there was only one display in Armies on Parade.

Games Workshop Berlin Europacenter

Our next goal was Games Workshop located in the Europacenter Berlin shopping center at Ku'damm. Here I felt a bit more familiar because I was welcomed by a great Space Marine similar to the one that is next to Games Workshop in Warsaw. Interestingly, only 2 people took part in the Armies on Parade contest and they simply displayed their miniatures on one of the shop's tables. On the same day, there was also a speedfreekschallenge held there.

Games Workshop Berlin Europacenter

To sum up my stay in Berlin and bearing in mind how I spent time in the local Games Workshop, I encourage all those that live closer to Berlin than to Warsaw to take part in the next year's Armies on Parade in Berlin. For me, it was a really cool experience and I had great fun =)

Below, I invite you to watch a short video presenting all entries in Armies on Parade 2018 in Berlin and on my youtube channel here you can watch videos from previous years.

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Morpheus "The Fantasy Hammer"