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What's On Your Table: Provocator Navus, Warlord Titan of Legio Krytos

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This is Provocator Navus, Warlord Titan of Legio Krytos - the God Breakers!

This is my first model for the AT game. My plan is to have him attached to a Venator Light Maniple (big fan of Warhounds) and have it ready by Christmas.

On his right arm, there is the depiction of his (as yet imaginary) battlefield kills that include a large God Machine and four smaller ones. On the left arm it denotes the allegiances and the forces he has fought with: namely the 4th Legion, the 16th Legion, other Adeptus Titanicus Legions and the Skitarius 74th Legio (Maniple A).

I used a mix of transfers from the Skitarii Rangers 40k box as well as the plethora of transfers included in the Warlord box. I have left the shields of either side of the head blank as in the hope that GW will eventually produce a Krytos-specific decal sheet in the near future… All weapons are magnetised.

Captain Semper
The Master of Recruits
Member of the Inner Circle