I am on the road today (several hundred miles of driving to get done still), but I wanted to get these up. More Genestealer Cult leaks.

Some of these look a little questionable. I am working on getting a link up.
Please remember that these are rumor, and please use a lot of salt.

Sent in via a reader on Faeit 212
The same guy in /tg/ who posted the GSC cult warlord table posted these  
rumors. To be taken with EXTREME salt:

Metamorphs are cheaper. Holy fuck they were overpriced before. Their 
weapons all have AP-1 now, or better (for rending claws), and they're 
cheaper than Genestealers (rightfully). Hand flamers also went down from 8 
points, they're about half that price now."

(In regards to goliath trucks and rockgrinders) "We realised that if a GSC 
player wants to get something to the front line quicker, then they'll just 
cult ambush stuff. If they want to protect their Neophytes, they just get 
more Neophytes (which is also cheaper). We've reduced points and added a 
few stratagems that might help."

  > Sabotaged! (1CP) - When an enemy unit is destroyed and has an explosion 
effect, do not roll any dice - that effect automatically triggers.
> Confusion in the Ranks (3CP) - Choose an enemy unit in your opponent's 
> army. Select one of its aura abilities - that ability cannot be used 
> until the start of your next turn.
> Final Detonation (3CP): Use this stratagem at the start of the fourth 
> battle round. Roll a D6 for each unit on the battlefield. On a 1-3, the 
> unit being rolled for cannot advance this battle round. On a 4+, the unit 
> being rolled for suffers a mortal wound and cannot advance this battle 
> round.
> The Anointed one Rises: Use this stratagem if an Abominant is slain. At 
> the end of the phase, that model is set up again, as close as possible to 
> the previous position and more than 1" from enemy models, with D3 wounds 
> remaining.
> Density Analysis Lenses (1CP) Ignore cover on chosen target.
> Inhuman Reflexes (2CP): A unit gets a 5++, or has its invulnerable save 
> increased by 1.
> Industrial Brutality (1CP) - Double the attacks of all mining weapons in 
> an acolyte squad (rock saw, rock drill or rock cutter only).
> Frenzied Hammering (2CP) - Select a unit of Aberrants - each model in 
> that unit increases its attacks by D3 (roll once for the whole unit), but 
> takes a -1 to hit rolls.
> Strength of Faith (1CP) - 5+ feel no pain, but only vs. mortal wounds in 
> the psychic phase.
> Demolition Claw (1CP) - When a unit with demolition charges makes its 
> attacks while embarked within a goliath truck/rockgrinder. That units 
> demolition charges are not expended in the attack.

> Deliverance Broodsurge (1CP) - Allows a unit embarked on a Goliath Truck 
> to disembark after it moves, though for each one that disembarks roll a 
> D6 - for every roll of 6+ the unit takes a mortal wound.
> Numbers beyond counting (3CP) - Remove a unit from the board, next turn 
> deploy it via Cult Ambush at its full strength.
> Breaking Formation (2CP) - You may deploy a unit with the VEHICLE keyword 
> from your army with the GENESTEALER CULTS keyword as per the Cult Ambush 
> rules.

The relics, psychic powers (apart from Telepathic Summons from 7e) are all  
ports from the 7e codex.

"There are a few new units making their way in. The gunslinger model has a 
number of awesome rules, I imagine it'll show up in a large number of lists.

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