Halloween decorations are going up and kids and adults everywhere are getting their costumes ready for parties or trick or treating. With Halloween just a little over a week away lets just into the theme of things that go bump in the night. First Up..... Zombies....

Yes is the answer to the question... you can create zombies in the Genesys Project. In fact you have have wide variety of zombie types from mindless shambling abominations, rapidly spreading viruses, or created zombie super soldiers. Yes of course you can make them Undead as well.

Zombies How to Make Them...
First off I want to separate created or raised zombies by Necromancers with Virus Zombies. Today we are talking about Virus Zombies, which are created in labs, by ravenous viruses, mutations, etc.

You Necromancers out there can still create undead zombies by taking Forbidden Lore, which we will talk about another time.

When you wish to take a Zombie Virus you select the traits as normal for your classes and species. All Zombie Virus traits have the most unpleasant business of adding to your countdown for the Apocalypse. But don't worry about that.... just head down that road with no worries of the future......

When you take a Zombie Virus as a trait, it comes with a few modifications for your newly created zombies granting Mindless Rage, some stat modifications etc.. but also the all important Stages of Infection that grant the abilities that the virus has taken. This allows you to really customize your zombies.

Virus Zombies..... Stages of Infection.
The Stages of Infection give you access to multiple abilities for designing your perfect Virus Zombie. These may or may not be Undead creatures depending upon how you choose your abilities. Lets take a look at some of the zombie types you can create. You are not limited to a single ability of any stage, often getting 1-3 depending upon the traits selected. Stage 2 is simply more advanced forms of virus, and Stage 3... well yea know....

Stage 1 Infections

  • Undead- The Zombie becomes Undead, gaining “Undead” ability becoming a non-living model.
  • Walkers- creates masses of slow-moving walkers. Increase Squad Size 3.
  • Runners- The zombies may now move up to x3 their movement
  • Stalkers- These models move on all fours and Gain Infiltrate 24 and climbing 3
  • Spitters- Can spit a glob of acid strength 2, accuracy range 6”
  • Strong Ones- Gain Modification Strength 1
  • Tough- Gain Modification Toughness 1
  • Hard to Kill: Modification Wounds 1

Stage 2 Infections

  • Improved Brain Function: removes one negative characteristic modification to the base Zombie
  • Rapid Infection: Rapid Infection 5 spreading the virus to fallen victims
  • Unstoppable: Unstoppable allowing zombies to continue to fight at 0 wounds.
  • Outbreak: Modification Movement 2
  • Monstrous: Modification Model Size 1, Modification Strength 1,
  • Bloaters: Exploding Zombies 5
  • Cunning: Removes Mindless Rage allowing them to be moved where the player would like.

Stage 3 Infections
We will just let the names of these capture your Imagination, but will give you a little insight on a couple of them.

  • Blood Rage:
  • Ravenous Hunger:
  • Brain Parasites:
  • Unkillable:

How do they work in game?
In Genesys we have spent endless (and I mean endless) hours working on making a Zombie Apocalypse army feel scary and ominous on the tabletop. To do so gives those infected with a zombie virus a unique way of being activated on the tabletop where owning player is not required to activate them as normal. Instead any model with a zombie virus that was not activated during normal player activations gets to do so during the effects phase of the Game Round. (after both players have completed their turns).

What this means is for those less familiar with the game is that you do not need to activate them during your player turns, instead focusing on the rest of your army on the table. Squads of zombies not activated will get to move (with no action allowed) during the effects phase after both players are done moving. This grants an ominous part of your force that is on the move after all activations are complete.

Notice that I said you don't need to activate them. When your zombies are close enough that you wish to activate them..... you can as part of your normal player turns. They then get to activate as normal and do their charge into melee action, fight, and do their thing!

This gives them a rather interesting way of moving across the field, which can make them hard to target (like all good things that go bump in the dark) and you may have to move in places you don't want to really get your sights on them. Then when they are getting too close they are able to spring into action.

Check back with us later this week as we take another look into the Horrors that can be had in The Genesys Project

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