It was easily divined by a lot of you here that the new mystery vehicle for Orks was going to be all three of the options that they showed us, but that doesn't take away from it all. Its revealed above and below in the latest info showing off all the new vehicles for Orks that are coming...... Speedfreaks get Ready!!!!!!

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To celebrate #Orktober, we’ve revealed and named some of the amazing new Ork vehicles that will be featuring in the totally Waaagh!some new Speed Freeks game and as datasheets in their own right in the eagerly anticipated Codex: Orks. Here’s a refresher of what we’ve seen so far:

Kustom Boosta-blasta

Deffkilla Wartrike

Shokkjump Dragsta

Boomdakka Snazzwagon

Megatrakk Scrapjet

OK, so let’s get on with the results of the survey. Earlier in the month, we asked you this question on Facebook:

We promised that if the majority of you guessed the correct result, we would reveal the sixth of these new vehicles…
…Almost 7000 of you voted.
…About 1700 of you thought that it was a weaponised Ork food trukk.
…Around 1900 of you thought it was a high-speed landmine delivery syste
…More than 2900 of you thought it was a Squig-based weapons platform.
But the thing is…
…you were all correct!
That’s right, the new vehicle is a combination of all three! That being the case, it’s only fair that we reward you accordingly – behold the Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy:

Eagle-eyed Ork enthusiasts will notice the huge variety of different squig breeds on the model, including bile squigs, a squig hound, a squig mine and even the elusive buzzer squig. These fantastic vehicles will be available to pre-order very soon.

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