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Raging Heroes Pre-Sale Packs....

The Stingrays Riders are some of my favorite Raging Heroes miniatures. Now they are part of some great army deals from Raging Heroes. Here is the latest press release.

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Vengeance of the Void: new pre-sale packs to get the Executrix and more! Featuring 3 classic Void Elves Heroines!
Well, Winter's coming, so you better stock some troops now for your Void Elves army. Here's an exclusive pre-sale deal to get our famous and dangerous Executrix before their release in a few weeks! Get them now with a great deal: up to 24% off!

The Vengeance of the Void Packs are also featuring some great Dark Elves Troops like the TGG2 edition of the Blood Vestals, or the insane Stingray Riders!

Oh, I almost forgot: these packs are starring the hunholy trinity of our Void Elves: Sinzirith, Sephea, and Shiveryah, 3 creatures from darkness you don't want to upset...