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Speedfreeks Pre-orders are Up alongside a Review.

Here is a review of the new Speedfreeks game along with some insights that might help us on the Ork codex coming out.

New from Games Workshop
Speed Freeks $150USD

via the Warhammer Community
It’s time to master the art of high-Orktane violence – Speed Freeks is available to pre-order today, meaning the Speedwaaagh! is well and truly here! Gather your Speedmobs and get ready to rukk…
Speaking of Speedmobs (which comprise a Wagon and three Warbikers), two are included in the Speed Freeks box, led by a Kustom Boosta-blasta and Shokkjump Dragsta respectively. However, the game also includes rules and datacards for four additional Wagons – the Deffkilla Wartrike, Boomdakka Snazzwagon, Megatrakk Scrapjet and Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy – all of which are available to pre-order from next weekend (along with Codex: Orks, no less)! This means that you will soon to be able to field one of six different Speedmobs in Speed Freeks, each with its own deadly guns – or squigs, for that matter – and wacky gizmos.
In addition to the miniatures themselves, Speed Freeks includes a rulebook, four folded card double-sided gameboards, 20 Speed Freeks dice(and a D8 in case you spin out!), a pair of dashboards with concealing screens and two full sets of gubbinz templates for tracing the (careening) path of your vehicles. There are also two decks of cards – one for randomly determining any damage suffered by your vehicles, the other featuring a fun selection of kustom jobs (vehicle upgrades) such as these two:

PiñaColada on Bolter and Chainsword looked hard at the video looking for anything that give us some insight to the codex on its way.

At 13.40 he starts to pick up the datasheets (for the speed freeks game, but the weapons should be the same names at least) 

So the Megatrakk Skrapjet has an ability that says Supercharger 
"Once per battle, when this model is picked to move you can declare it to activate its supercharger. When you do so, you can reroll 1 speedin' dice for this model this round" Who knows if this will make it into 40k and what that would do? Hopefully not just reroll advance rolls. 

It also has: 
- A Rokkit Kannon (we knew that) 
- Twin big shootas 
- Rear twin big shoota (facing matters in that game, but in 40k it'll probably just be 2x twin big shootas then) 
- Wing missiles (In speed freeks they're the exact same stats as a rokkit launcha, except you don't get to reroll 1 failed attack roll with the missiles) 

We already know all the guns for the Boomdakka Snazzwagon but it also has the supercharger ability (same as above), It has a Reinforced Ram "You can reroll 1 dice for the other model when this model rams and the collision point is in this models front arc" Maybe that translates into something in 40k? 
It also has Watch Dis! "If this model has a burnin'! damage card, subtract 1 from its drivin' tests (instead of adding 1)" Who knows if this'll translate? 

The Deffkilla Watrike we already know all the guns for but it has a few abilities. 
It has the Rokkit Engine "Once per battle, when this modeil is picked to move, you can declare it to fire its rokkit engine. When you do so, you can reroll any of the speedin' dice for this model this round. For each [star,explosion symbol??] result after any rerolls have been made, draw a damage card for this model" So it seems like a more high risk, high reward supercharger ability 

Wheel Scythes "You can reroll 1 dice for the other model if the collision point of a ram is in this models side arc" 

It also has two more abilities that I can't quite make out what they do. They're named Snagga Klaw, which I think says "In the Fightin' phase, draw a damage card for the target if any attack rolls of [ligthning symbol] are rolled for this [can't see] rolling any defence dice for the target" 

And it has an ability called Fuel Mixa or something like that. I literally can't tell 

Anyways, better this tiny nugget of info rather than nothing I suppose

Edit: The last ability is Fuel Mixa Grot. I still can't tell what it says but it's some sort of "Once per battle" ability