The Necron Seraptek Heavy Construct is up now for pre-orders from Forgeworld. The rules are also available and you can see them here.

New From Forgeworld

Necron Seraptek Heavy Construct Body £165
Necron Seraptek Heavy Construct with Singularity Generators £200
Necron Seraptek Heavy Construct with Synaptic Obliterators & Transdimensional Projectors £200

Necron Seraptek Heavy Construct Synaptic Obliterators & Transdimensional Projectors £35
Necron Seraptek Heavy Construct Singularity Generators £35

Armed with formidable heavy weapons, the Necron Seraptek Heavy Construct can unleash energies capable of disintegrating both organic and machine matter. Those rare few among the Imperium who have survived an encounter with a Seraptek have testified to its unnatural speed and agility, and the near-total dominance it seems to hold over the lesser Canoptek-class constructs within its sight. None know what sinister purpose this colossus of war was originally intended to serve, though few can deny the devastation it wreaks once it takes to the battlefield.

This multi-part resin kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Necron Seraptek Heavy Construct Body. A menacing, arachnid figure, the body is built from a number of superstructures – 4 lower legs, 4 lower arms and 6 weapon support arms attach to the central structure, which features armour plating over the spine, shoulders and pelvic area. Its head attaches to the spine at the front and is modelled low, protected by 2 enormous double-braced blades.

This model’s weapon support arms are designed to attach either Synaptic Obliterators & Transdimensional Projectors, or a Singularity Generator. These intensely powerful and sinister weapons are available as separate resin kits.

The Seraptek Heavy Construct Body comes as 64 components, and rules are available as a PDF download.

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