Shieldwolf has a new Kickstarter coming soon that is certain to bring some interest. This is what I have been told of it,
"the new Kickstarter is about plastic female paladins and  
nordic armies, it's *both* fantasy and sci-fi!"

You can see the teaser video above, and yes I grabbed a few of the images that were quick to flash. Not certain if I got them all, but with the success of the Shieldmaiden Kickstarter campaign, this one is looking good.

via Shieldwolf Miniatures
After the successful funding, creation and delivery of the Shieldmaiden Army, Shieldwolf Miniatures(R) listening to its supporters is launching even more affordable and innovative armies, always in the quality you have come to expect from the company. Female Fantasy armies from the north, west and south... and their sci-fi counterparts FULLY funded by Shieldwolf itself. We support the community and love this hobby! Thank you for reading.

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