New Primaris models have apparently been seen. It appears we might start seeing these next month.... hint hint. The Primaris model range looks like it will get filled out well.

via harvarn on Bolter and Chainsword

The other day I got a sneak preview of some primaris models that are not out yet. Cant share the photos but this is basically legit.. was a quick glance but this is what I saw 

- Primaris Apothecary 
- Interceptor Squad with what looks like short range dual plasma cannons
- A second variant of the hover tank which had weapon sponsons where the doors are on the side
- and a new unit which looks like a cross between a Primaris marine and a centurion it had those new missile packs u see on the tank and dreadnought but on the shoulders of the new unit like how typhoon missile launchers are on terminators. They were carrying heavy weapons I assume its their version of a dev squad.
- Bolter Reivers which actually look really really cool.

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