Earlier we were discussing the new HeroPlay and Adventure Narrative Campaigns set into the Genesys Project. Since then Ive received quite a bit of feedback wanting to know a little bit more. So lets do a quick reveal of just how this works.....

The Genesys Project is currently in v3.3 of it's Open Beta testing. That means you can easily get access to the rules for beta, by registering to get your own product key.

Lets jump into playing the Genesys Project:
  • All modes of play work together...... and level you up as you play, from Pick-Up Games, Campaigns, HeroPlay, and Adventure Narrative Events. These are not separated from Campaigning, and all are used to level your faction forward through the Ages. This allows to really create background as you play. The rules are designed for this, not forced, or with odd special rules. 
  • Heroes are generally created when you play games. This means that progression points (that you get from gaming) are used to create your heroes from squads that participated in the battle you just finished. They gain access to new Hero and Character only traits that really effect the game how you want for your hero. Heroes are customizable as well, and can gain new traits as they continue to play!
  • Campaigning in Genesys is the standard way of game play. These are either pick up games, or hosted games, or even organized by your local stores where they can keep logs of how the Genesys Worlds are doing within their own Campaign! The way the Genesys Project is set up, even new players can join in at any time, making it the perfect game for your local store to run and keep track of. Not only that but models from any model line, makes it a wonder for stores to keep the campaign moving without waiting on model or rules releases.
  • HeroPlay are often smaller point games where any models can be used no matter the point value of game. Heroes play the game, battle hard to achieve their missions. Because the rules so easily work between HeroPlay and Normal Games, there is no hardline between the two styles of play. 
  • Adventure Narrative Events are a series of games that create a major event in the timeline of your faction. These can be played at any time, and the best part is, they are generated so that HeroPlay games and standard Campaign play are intermixed. Storyline can be written out before hand with pre-generated missions (or chosen), and the point values meant to be changed as you play. In Adventure Narrative Events, Heroes are lost when they are killed on the field, however, new ones can always be brought after each game using a factions progression points. Imagine the birth of a new Hero who becomes a legend after seeing the death of his mentor or predecessor. 
  • Adventure Narrative Event Example for 5 Games (a weekend type event): 
  1. Small 250-500pt Game Prequel- An Ancient Artifact from the Creators is discovered. This allows standard and lesser classes to be played only with one or possibly two Elite Models.
  2. HeroPlay 250pt Game- Recovery Attempt between factions.. and parts of the artifact.Heroes from either the first game, or from your faction (from previous games)
  3. 750-1,000pt Standard Game- Armies are sent to kill heroes with the items to collect them all. Elites, larger armies, and Leaders get to play this. (remember that The Genesys Project games scale upwards allowing more advanced Unit Classes are the point values of the increase)
  4. 1,500pt Standard Game- As armies clash to wipe each other out with the powers granted by new technologies or spell like powers from the artifacts. If time permits even a 2,000pt game could be played here as we lead up to the climax and finale of the event.
  5. Finally a 1,000pt HeroPlay game where even the Gods may jump in to intervene (yea Fey Paragons feel like Gods when on the field, or Reptilia Ancients, or Humanoid Uniques). 1,000pts is a crazy size game for HeroPlay allowing the strongest models and forces your army you can muster yet keeping the scale of the game within reason for time and energy

The Flexibility of the Genesys Project is something not available anywhere in the Industry. Interactive gameplay and faction building is unique and incredibly fun with friends and will be amazing in the future when local stores hold their own Campaigns for players to come and go as they please. 

The order of the day is still that the Open Beta will end in February of 2018 moving forward to it's official release. 5 Domains, 1 Core Rulebook, and One Wargame that will change how games are played.

Questions or comments, you can leave them here or email me at natfka@live.com

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