Total War Warhammer has been in the news lately, as the game developers are responding to heavy criticism from the fans about it's preorder DLC incentive. This incentive is the Chaos Warriors Race pack.
Total War Warhammer will be the first of three games, and will launch on April 28th. What the conflict is, is that those that pre-order the game will get a Chaos Warriors Race Pack. This includes three playable lords and allows you to play the Chaos Warriors as your race in the main campaign.

While the Chaos Warriors are part of the game, only by pre-ordering do they become playable. The developers are defending their choice.....

"We actually thought by adding more content, that would make it an exciting preorder proposition for them. But certainly all of the criticism that we've taken and the comments that have been made, we have been absorbing and taking on board for future products."

Read more on Gamespot about the decision that was revealed back in October.

Here also is the latest video featuring the Greenskins

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