I wanted to touch base with several ways that Genesys puts the control of your Army into the player's corner. One of my favorites is of course the Armory. This is your race's arsenal of equipment, weapons, and access to powers (both the Arcane and Faith).

The Armory
There is a lot of equipment and weapons that are just standard issue, and all Humanoid races have access to use. These are weapons like spears, swords, bows, etc. In general, any equipment that your unit class has access to..... they can take. They are also not considered a different unit entry simply because they have different weapons. 

Some of the most fun is that you get to customize your advanced weaponry. All weapons have attributes, and these can be advanced through traits to create superior weapons. 

Weapon bonuses are different for each type of weapon. Blunt weapons (like maces) give a Strength bonus, bladed weapons (like swords) give a Martial bonus, and Axe weapons give a damage bonus. A weapon can also be made to be two handed.

For some races (if you wish to go down that path), there are even rare metal alloys and compounds that can be added to your weapons. Thermite Axes for instance, easily ignite creating a flaming Axe. Of course these bonuses to a weapons attributes increase their cost to equip in game.

You can go even further beyond advanced weaponry and create artifacts for your Leader and Unique Unit Classes.

I know earlier we were creating a Khajiit-like race. For a race like this, we could easily create claw weapons that would fall under Blades. These advanced weapons would be fun to add in to special elite squads of warriors. Call your elite warriors Fire Cats, equipped with Thermite alloyed Claw weapons. Flaming Claws of Death!

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