Weathering and scratches are a good thing to have a little technique with before you start trying to add these to your models. Good tutorial today.

Black Library Advent Calendar
Advent Day 22: The Sacrifice
eShort:$ 3.99

After sacrificing a vampire in exchange for a glimpse of his fate, Tzeentchian sorcerer Arioso must travel to the Valley of Fallen Gods to complete the ritual that will bring about his apotheosis. However, the Changer of Ways is not the only deity to wield power in the Realm of Death....

Written by Graeme Lyon

Warhammer Digital Advent Calendar
Advent Day 22: Altar of War: Lair of the Beast
Mobile & Tablet Edition:$ 4.99

Many battlefields are located in wilderness areas far from civilisation... areas that might just be home to monstrous predators . As battle rages, they are drawn to the battlefield, and new prey... This mission allows you to add a few such creatures to your games of Warhammer 40,000, creating a whole new set of dangers on the battlefield...

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Please note: This product is only compatible with ePub3 readers. For more information, check out our Ranges and Formats page.

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