Back to bases for the GW Advent Calendar video tutorials. There is also an eshort by Dan Abnett, and The Rewards of Chaos from Games Workshop Digital.

Black Library Advent Calendar
Advent Day 19: Midnight Rotation
On the forge world of Urdesh, an Imperial Guardsman recounts his near-death experience at the hands of an infilitrating force of Chaos soldiers.

eShort:$ 1.99

It started as just another midnight rotation for Cawkus, trooper, second class of the 50th Urdesh Regular, guarding Munitorum supplies at Depot 686 during a months-long siege. Retrace his footsteps as he recounts the events of that fateful night and uncovers a conspiracy that could strike at the heart of the city.
Written by Dan Abnett

Warhammer Digital Advent Calendar
Advent Day 19: The Rewards of Chaos
Mobile & Tablet Edition:$ 4.99

Advent Day 19: The Rewards of Chaos  Advent Day 19: The Rewards of Chaos
Altars dedicated to the different aspects of the Chaos gods have been built all across the mortal realms. These altars can endow petitioners with supernatural rewards if their patron god feels so inclined – or painful punishments if they do not! Sometimes altars lie in close proximity to each other, and when this happens they act as a focal point for battles between followers of the different gods. Rival warbands will fight until only one side is left standing, the winner receiving great favour from their patron god.This battleplan is based upon just such a conflict.

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